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Name Notation Description Types Status
Geostationary orbit range GEO Altitude range of geostationary orbiting (GEO) objects, 35'78... Concept stable
Lagrangian point L1 L1 The L1 point lies on the line defined by the Sun and Earth, a... Concept stable
Lagrangian points L4, L5 L4L5 The L4 and L5 points lie at the third corners of the two equi... Concept stable
Low Earth orbit altitude range LEO Altitude range of low Earth orbiting (LEO) objects with an al... Concept stable
Medium Earth orbit altitude range MEO Altitude range of medium Earth orbiting (MEO) objects above l... Concept stable
Middle and upper stratosphere MUS Middle and upper stratosphere (ca. 25 - 47 km altitude) Concept stable
Planetary boundary layer PBL Bottom layer of the troposphere, also called atmospheric boun... Concept stable
Surface boundary layer SBL Layer of air tens of meters thick adjacent to the ground wher... Concept stable
Top of atmosphere TOA Top of atmosphere (ca. 100 km altitude) Concept stable
Upper troposphere / lower stratosphere UTLS Upper troposphere / lower stratosphere range (ca. 9 - 17 km a... Concept stable
Bulk layer bulkLayer Also called ocean sub-surface or bulk surface, the ocean bulk... Concept stable
Cloud top cloudTop For a given cloud or cloud layer, the highest level in the at... Concept stable
Deep ocean deepOcean Lower part of the ocean below the thermocline (below ca. 1'00... Concept stable
Deep soil layer deepSoil Lower levels of the soil, below the soil root zone and above ... Concept stable
Interior earth earthInterior Sub-surface of the Earth, including the crust, mantle and cor... Concept stable
Free troposphere freeTroposphere Atmosphere above the planetary boundary layer, in which the e... Concept stable
Heliosphere heliosphere Vast, bubble-like region of space which surrounds and is crea... Concept stable
High thermosphere highThermosphere High thermosphere (ca. 200 km to 500 km altitude) Concept stable
Ionosphere ionosphere Atmospheric region containing significant concentrations of i... Concept stable
Land surface landSurface Surface of the land masses, the lower part of the atmosphere-... Concept stable
Low thermosphere lowThermosphere Low thermosphere (ca. 100 km to 200 km altitude) Concept stable
Magnetosphere magnetosphere Region in which dynamical motions are strongly influenced, or... Concept stable
Mesosphere mesosphere Mesosphere (ca. 47 - 85 km altitude) ( Concept stable
Root region of the soil rootRegion Upper levels of the soil, where biological activity takes pla... Concept stable
Sea surface seaSurface Surface of the ocean, characterized by a cool skin layer (a f... Concept stable
Solar surface and atmosphere sun Surface of the Sun and layers above it, including the photosp... Concept stable
Total atmospheric column totalAtmosphere Vertical range above Earth (ca. 0 - 1'000 km altitude) Concept stable
Troposphere troposphere Troposphere (ca. 0 - 11 km altitude) ( Concept stable
Upper ocean upperOcean Upper part of the ocean including the thermocline (ca. 0 - 1'... Concept stable