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Measurement/observing method (ocean)

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Name Notation Description Types Status
Fluorometry, optical backscattering 400 Measurement of emitted fluorescent light and particulate back... Concept stable
Mercury-based thermometry 401 Measurement of temperature using a mercury based column. Concept stable
Fluid-based thermometry (excluding mercury) 402 Measurement of temperature using a fluid based column (other ... Concept stable
Electrical resistivity 403 Measurement derived from the measurement of electrical resist... Concept stable
Electrical conductivity 404 Measurement derived from the measurement of electrical conduc... Concept stable
Inductivity 405 Measurement derived from the measurement of magnetic inductan... Concept stable
Piezoresistivity 406 Measurement of the change in electrical resistance of a mater... Concept stable
HF echo Doppler spectra analysis method (HR radar) 407 Remote sensing of surface currents employing radars frequenci... Concept stable
GPS fixes sequence comparison 408 Measurement derived from the difference between two successiv... Concept stable
Clark electrode polarographic method 409 The dissolved oxygen concentration by counting the number of ... Concept stable
Oxygen luminescence quenching method 410 The fluorescent indicator is a special complex embedded in a ... Concept stable
Potentiometric method 411 Ion-sensitive field-effect transistor that responds to proton... Concept stable
Radiometry 412 Measurement of the number of photon reaching a surface using ... Concept stable