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Application areas


Name Notation Description Types Status
Aeronautical meteorology aeronauticalMeteorology Aeronautical meteorology covers worldwide, reliable provision... Concept stable
Agricultural meteorology agriculturalMeteorology Agricultural Meteorology relates to specific weather and clim... Concept stable
Forecasting atmospheric composition atmosphericCompositionForecasting Applications from global to regional scales (with horizontal ... Concept stable
Monitoring atmospheric composition atmosphericCompositionMonitoring Applications related to evaluating and analysing changes (tem... Concept stable
Climate applications climateApplications Climate applications cover the effective application of clima... Concept stable
Climate monitoring (GCOS) climateMonitoring Climate monitoring (as supported through GCOS) covers the GCO... Concept stable
Climate Science climateScience This application area aims at coordinating international rese... Concept stable
Cryosphere cryosphere EGOS-IP Concept stable
Energy sector energy Economic activities that produce or distribute energy, such a... Concept stable
Global numerical weather prediction (GNWP) globalNumericalWeatherPrediction Global numerical weather prediction (GNWP) covers numerical w... Concept stable
Health sector health Health-related services, often provided to the public, partic... Concept stable
High-resolution numerical weather prediction (HRNWP) highResolutionNumericalWeatherPrediction High-resolution numerical weather prediction (HRNWP) covers f... Concept stable
Hydrology hydrology Hydrology covers the assessment of the quantity and quality o... Concept stable
inapplicable inapplicable No application area is applicable. Concept stable
Providing atmospheric composition information to support services in urban and populated areas integratedUrbanServices Applications that target limited areas (with horizontal resol... Concept stable
Nowcasting and very short-range forecasting (NVSRF) nowcasting Nowcasting and very short-range forecasting (NVSRF) covers th... Concept stable
Ocean applications oceanApplications Concept stable
Sub-seasonal to longer predictions seasonalForecasting Sub-seasonal to longer predictions covers predictions in sub-... Concept stable
Space weather spaceWeather Space weather is a discipline which aims at observing, unders... Concept stable
Terrestrial ecology terrestrialEcology Activities and services related to the terrestrial environmen... Concept stable
Transportation sector transport Economic activities related to transportation of people and g... Concept stable
unknown unknown Application area unknown. Concept stable