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Observed variable - measurand (ocean)

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description Observed variable - measurand (ocean)
has member relation member
label Observed variable - measurand (ocean)
member Wind stress | Mean dynamic topography (MDT) | Density | pCO2 air-sea flux | NO3- (nitrate) | Sea-ice surface characteristics | Directional waves | Chlorophyll a concentration | Ocean current speed | Transmissivity | Dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) | Dominant wave period | pCO2 | Oil spill cover | O2-Ar ratio | Sea-ice cover | Ocean subsurface tracers | Sea surface height anomaly (SSHA) | Dissolved organic nitrogen | Water-leaving spectral radiance | Dominant wave direction | Sea-ice type | Ocean Surface heat flux | Sea surface height (SSH, OST) | PO4= (phosphate) | Wave directional energy frequency spectrum | Conductivity | NO2- (nitrite) | Wave period | Diffuse attenuation coefficient (DAC), turbidity | Ocean current direction | Sea surface mass flux | Sea surface temperature | Dissolved oxygen | Sea-ice motion | pH | Ocean suspended sediments concentration | Sea surface salinity | N2, Ar, O2 | Total organic phosphorus | Zooplankton biomass and diversity | Dissolved organic carbon | Surface currents | Sea-ice thickness | N2, Ar | Bathymetry | Mean sea surface (MSS) | Zooplankton (size and/or development stage) | Subsurface salinity | Pressure | Sea-ice surface temperature | Wave 1D energy frequency spectrum | Wave height | Significant wave height | C2H6S (dimethylsulfide, DMS) | Fluorescence (DOM) | SiO3= (metasilicate) | Primary production | Subsurface temperature | Ocean subsurface dissolved oxygen concentration | Sea-ice elevation | Total alkalinity (TA) | Tides | pO2 | Ocean dynamic topography (ODT) | Coastal sea level (tide) | N2, Ar
modified 2 Jan 2024 17:12:37.012
type Collection | Register | Container
version info 6
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Name Notation Description Types Status
Bathymetry 13 Bathymetry Concept stable
Pressure 18 Pressure (depth) measured by CTD. Concept stable
Ocean current direction 62 Direction of ocean motion measured at various depth levels Concept stable
Ocean current speed 63 Velocity of ocean motion measured at various depth levels Concept stable
Ocean dynamic topography (ODT) 64 Deviation of sea level from the geoid caused by ocean current... Concept stable
Surface currents 65 Ocean Vector motion measured at or near the surface (at state... Concept stable
Dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) 67 The cumulated concentration of inorganic carbon species (diss... Concept stable
Dissolved organic carbon 68 Concentration of dissolved organic carbon Concept stable
Dissolved organic nitrogen 69 Concentration of dissolved organic nitrogen Concept stable
Diffuse attenuation coefficient (DAC), turbidity 70 Indicator of water turbidity and vertical processes in the oc... Concept stable
Chlorophyll a concentration 71 Concentration of chlorophyll-a pigment in the surface water [... Concept stable
Ocean suspended sediments concentration 72 Variable extracted from ocean colour observation. Indicative ... Concept stable
Oil spill cover 73 Fraction of an ocean area polluted by hydrocarbons released f... Concept stable
Primary production 74 Production of organic matter by 'phytoplankton', microscopic ... Concept stable
Sea surface mass flux 75 Sea surface mass flux Concept stable
Ocean Surface heat flux 76 The exchange of heat, per unit area, crossing the surface be... Concept stable
Sea surface height anomaly (SSHA) 77 Sea surface height anomaly Concept stable
Total alkalinity (TA) 78 The amount of acid necessary to titrate all weak bases in sea... Concept stable
pH 79 Negative decimal logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration ... Concept stable
SiO3= (metasilicate) 82 Concentration of dissolved metasilicate Concept stable
N2, Ar, O2 84 Concept retired
O2-Ar ratio 85 Ratio of O2/Ar concentrations Concept stable
Ocean subsurface dissolved oxygen concentration 86 Concentration of dissolved oxygen Concept stable
Dissolved oxygen 87 Concentration of dissolved oxygen (O2) in the water column Concept stable
Water-leaving spectral radiance 89 Upward spectral radiance from the ocean surface, i.e. amount ... Concept stable
C2H6S (dimethylsulfide, DMS) 90 Concentration of DMS Concept stable
Subsurface salinity 91 Salinity of seawater Concept stable
Sea surface salinity 92 Salinity of sea water in the surface layer (upper ~1 m if obs... Concept stable
Subsurface temperature 94 Seawater temperature measured with depth (degrees celsius/kel... Concept stable
Sea surface temperature 95 Temperature of the sea water at surface. The 'bulk' temperatu... Concept stable
Coastal sea level (tide) 96 Deviation of sea level from local references in coastal zones... Concept stable
Dominant wave direction 98 One feature of the ocean wave spectrum. It is the direction o... Concept stable
Dominant wave period 99 The period of the most energetic wave in the ocean wave spect... Concept stable
Significant wave height 100 Average amplitude of the highest 33 out of 100 waves Concept stable
Wave 1D energy frequency spectrum 101 1D variable colloquially referred to as wave spectrum. Descri... Concept stable
Wave directional energy frequency spectrum 102 2D variable colloquially referred to as wave spectrum. Descri... Concept stable
Wind stress 103 The shear force per unit area exerted by wind blowing over th... Concept stable
NO2- (nitrite) 311 Nitrite concentration in sea water. Concept stable
NO3- (nitrate) 312 Nitrate concentration in sea water. Concept stable
PO4= (phosphate) 399 Phosphate concentration in sea water. Concept stable
Total organic phosphorus 400 Concentration of dissolved organic phosphorous Concept stable
Sea-ice cover 401 Fraction of an ocean area where ice is present Concept stable
Sea-ice elevation 402 Elevation of the surface of the sea-ice sheet above sea level Concept stable
Sea-ice motion 403 Sea-ice motion Concept stable
Sea-ice surface characteristics 404 Sea-ice surface characteristics (albedo, meltpond, dust, snow... Concept stable
Sea-ice surface temperature 405 Temperature of the surface of sea-ice Concept stable
Sea-ice thickness 406 Thickness of the ice sheet. It is related to sea-ice elevatio... Concept stable
Sea-ice type 407 Variable convolving several factors (age, roughness, density,... Concept stable
Transmissivity 408 Measure of the light that passes through the water in relatio... Concept stable
pO2 549 partial pressure of O2 Concept stable
Conductivity 731 Conductivity measured by CTD or MicroCAT Concept stable
Density 732 Density measured by CTD Concept stable
Zooplankton (size and/or development stage) 733 Aggregate of animal or animal-like organisms in plankton, as ... Concept stable
pCO2 735 Partial pressure of CO2 Concept stable
pCO2 air-sea flux 736 Flux of CO2 from the ocean into the atmosphere Concept stable
Fluorescence (DOM) 739 Flurometric coloured dissolved Organic matter concentration Concept stable
Mean dynamic topography (MDT) 740 Time-mean (over a prescribed time period) of the sea surface ... Concept stable
Mean sea surface (MSS) 741 Time-averaged height (over a prescribed time period) of the o... Concept stable
Sea surface height (SSH, OST) 742 Height of the sea surface with respect to the reference ellip... Concept stable
Wave height 743 Average of height (trough to crest) of the waves sampled over... Concept stable
Wave period 744 The time required for two successive wave crests to pass a fi... Concept stable
Directional waves 745 Waves measured in X,Y,Z directions Concept stable
Tides 10080 Periodic change of sea height caused by the gravitational for... Concept stable
N2, Ar 12244 Concentration of dissolved N2 and Ar Concept superseded
Zooplankton biomass and diversity 12245 Biomass expressed as weight by volume; and diversity of bioma... Concept stable
Ocean subsurface tracers 12246 Concentration of trace molecules such as tritium and CFCs Concept stable
N2, Ar 12319 Concentration of dissolved N2 and Ar Concept stable