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Surface roughness (Davenport roughness classification)

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Name Notation Description Types Status
Chaotic (City centre with high and low-rise buildings) chaotic Centres of large towns with mixture of low-rise and high-rise... Concept stable
Closed (Regular large obstacle COVER (suburb, forest)) closed Landscape totally and quite regularly covered with similar si... Concept stable
inapplicable inapplicable None of the codes in the table are applicable in the context ... Concept stable
Open (Open flat terrain; grass, few isolated obstacles) open Level country with low vegetation (e.g. grass) and isolated o... Concept stable
Rough (High crops; scattered obstacles, 15 < x/H < 20) rough Recently-developed 'young' landscape with high crops or crops... Concept stable
Roughly open (Low crops; occasional large obstacles, x/H > 20) roughlyOpen Cultivated area with regular cover of low crops, or moderatel... Concept stable
Sea (open water, tidal flat, snow with fetch above 3 km sea Open sea or lake (irrespective of the wave size), tidal flat,... Concept stable
Smooth (Mud flats, snow; no vegetation, no obstacles) smooth Featureless land surface without any noticeable obstacles and... Concept stable
unknown unknown The surface roughness is unknown. Concept stable
Very rough (Parkland, bushes; numerous obstacles, x/H ~ 10) veryRough 'Old' cultivated landscape with many rather large obstacle gr... Concept stable