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description Matrix
has member relation member
label Matrix
member Permafrost | Particle phase | Cloud particle | Total deposition | Wet deposition | Interstitial water | Gas phase | Dry deposition | Interstitial air | Snow | Aerosol | Groundwater | Suspended matter | Soil | Aquifer | Liquid phase
modified 15 Nov 2022 14:29:47.206
type Collection | Register | Container
version info 17
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Name Notation Description Types Status
Aerosol aerosol Suspension of fine solid particles or liquid droplets in air ... Concept stable
Aquifer aquifer A hydraulically continuous body of relatively permeable uncon... Concept stable
Cloud particle cloudParticle Ice particle or liquid droplet present in a cloud. The partic... Concept stable
Dry deposition dryDeposition The sum of atmospheric trace gases and particulate matter rem... Concept stable
Gas phase gasPhase Physical state of matter, also called vapour phase. Molecules... Concept stable
Groundwater groundwater Subsurface water occupying the saturated zone.[International ... Concept stable
Interstitial air interstitialAir Air trapped in small cavities in a solid matrix, e.g. snow, i... Concept stable
Interstitial water interstitialWater Water contained in the voids of porous or fractured media. [I... Concept stable
Liquid phase liquidPhase A physical state of matter. In liquids, molecules flow easily... Concept stable
Particle phase particlePhase Liquid or solid particles, or liquid particles with a solid c... Concept stable
Permafrost permafrost Subsurface material that remains continuously at or below 0 d... Concept stable
Snow snow A porous, sintered material consisting of an ice structure an... Concept stable
Soil soil Unconsolidated material, containing living and inert organic ... Concept stable
Suspended matter suspendedMatter Solid matter suspended in a liquid or gas, or droplets of liq... Concept stable
Total deposition totalDeposition The sum of dry and wet deposition. Concept stable
Wet deposition wetDeposition The sum of atmospheric trace gases and particulate matter rem... Concept stable