Register: Air Wx Phenomena



ICAO Annex 3/ WMO No. 49-2 Appendix 6 Section 2.1

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accepted on 30 Dec 2016 13:27:10.513

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Name Notation Description Types Status
Broken cloud BKN_CLD Broken cloud Concept stable
Frequent cumulonimbus cloud FRQ_CB Frequent cumulonimbus cloud Concept stable
Frequent towering cumulus cloud FRQ_TCU Frequent towering cumulus cloud Concept stable
Isolated cumulonimbus cloud ISOL_CB Isolated cumulonimbus cloud Concept stable
Isolated towering cumulus cloud ISOL_TCU Isolated towering cumulus cloud Concept stable
Isolated thunderstorms ISOL_TS Isolated thunderstorms Concept stable
Isolated thunderstorms with hail ISOL_TSGR Isolated thunderstorms with hail Concept stable
Moderate icing MOD_ICE Moderate icing Concept stable
Moderate mountain wave MOD_MTW Moderate mountain wave Concept stable
Moderate turbulence MOD_TURB Moderate turbulence Concept stable
Mountain obscuration MT_OBSC Mountain obscuration Concept stable
Occasional cumulonimbus cloud OCNL_CB Occasional cumulonimbus cloud Concept stable
Occasional towering cumulus cloud OCNL_TCU Occasional towering cumulus cloud Concept stable
Occasional thunderstorms OCNL_TS Occasional thunderstorms Concept stable
Occasional thunderstorms with hail OCNL_TSGR Occasional thunderstorms with hail Concept stable
Overcast cloud OVC_CLD Overcast cloud Concept stable
Surface visibility SFC_VIS Surface visibility Concept stable
Widespread mean surface wind SFC_WIND Widespread mean surface wind Concept stable