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Surface cover types (PFT)

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changed on 21 Nov 2019 09:20:12.049
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accepted on 29 Apr 2020 14:36:16.381

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description Surface cover types (PFT)
has member relation member
label Surface cover types (PFT)
member Fill Value | Evergreen Broadleaf trees | Evergreen Needleleaf trees | Snow and ice | Shrub | unknown | Urban and built-up | Cereal crops | Grass | Water | Barren or sparse vegetation | Deciduous Broadleaf trees | Deciduous Needleleaf trees | Broad-leaf crops
modified 21 Nov 2019 09:20:12.049
type Register | Container | Collection
version info 2
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Name Notation Description Types Status
Barren or sparse vegetation barren NA Concept stable
Broad-leaf crops broadLeafCrops NA Concept stable
Cereal crops cerealCrops NA Concept stable
Deciduous Broadleaf trees deciduousBroadleafTrees NA Concept stable
Deciduous Needleleaf trees deciduousNeedleafTrees NA Concept stable
Evergreen Broadleaf trees evergreenBroadleafTrees NA Concept stable
Evergreen Needleleaf trees evergreenNeedleTrees NA Concept stable
Fill Value fillValue NA Concept stable
Grass grass NA Concept stable
Shrub shrub NA Concept stable
Snow and ice snowIce NA Concept stable
unknown unknown Unknown surface cover type. Concept stable
Urban and built-up urbanBuiltUp NA Concept stable
Water water NA Concept stable