Register: Observed variable - measurand (terrestrial and hydrological)



Observed variable - measurand (terrestrial and hydrological)

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description Observed variable - measurand (terrestrial and hydrological)
has member relation member
label Observed variable - measurand (terrestrial and hydrological)
member CO2 flux | Groundwater level | Lake volume | Sediment discharge | Surface ablation at a point | Bed load discharge | Land surface topography | Infiltration capacity | Ice thickness | Fire radiative power | Fire temperature | Ice thickness | Hydraulic conductivity | Hydraulic transmissivity | Glacier motion | Glacier topography | Land cover | Stream velocity | Glacier mass balance at a point | Stream mean velocity | Stream discharge | Effective porosity | Aquifer volume | Biomass | Fraction of Absorbed PAR (FAPAR) | Vegetation type | Water equivalent of snow cover | Wetland extent | Groundwater flow | Live storage | Reservoir storage | Soil temperature | Glacier-wide mass balance | Surface accumulation at a point | Snow cover extent | Suspended sediment load | Fire fractional cover | Groundwater (amount per unit area) | Rock glacier velocity | Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) | Water surface slope | Presence of snow | Runoff | Soil type | Runoff coefficient | Water equivalent of snowfall | Soil moisture (in the roots region) | Soil moisture at surface | Evaporation | Stream level | Snow surface state | Coastlines | Permafrost temperature | Active layer thickness | Specific yield | Recharge rate | Soil moisture | Total dissolved solids | Well discharge | Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) | Lake Surface Temperature | Ice sheet topography | Depth of snowfall | Glacier area | Infiltration rate | Suspended sediment discharge | Lake area | Stream index velocity | Runway conditions | Snow depth | Soil heat Flux | Total sediment load | Specific capacity (well) | Land surface temperature | Suspended sediment | Porosity | Stream surface velocity | Water level | Percolation rate | Storage | Fraction of vegetated land | Leaf Area Index (LAI) | Breaking action-friction coefficient | Lake level | Depth of runoff | Specific retention
modified 2 Jan 2024 17:12:38.555
type Container | Register | Collection
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Name Notation Description Types Status
Groundwater (amount per unit area) 165 Amount of water present beneath the ground surface per unit a... Concept stable
Groundwater level 166 Elevation of the water table or piezometric surface of an aqu... Concept stable
Lake area 167 Area extent of the surface of a lake. Concept stable
Lake level 168 Elevation of water in an inland body of surface water of sign... Concept stable
Stream discharge 171 Volume of water flowing through a stream (or channel) cross-s... Concept stable
Stream level 172 Elevation of the free water surface of a water body flowing i... Concept stable
Well discharge 174 Concept stable
Breaking action-friction coefficient 231 Concept stable
Coastlines 232 Location of coastlines (Lat/Long) Concept stable
Land cover 236 Processed from land surface imagery by assigning identified c... Concept stable
Land surface topography 237 Map of land surface heights. Concept stable
Runway conditions 239 Concept stable
Wetland extent 243 Fraction of an area flood by water. Concept stable
Soil heat Flux 245 Concept stable
Soil type 246 Result of the classification of different types of soil withi... Concept stable
Fire fractional cover 386 Fraction of a land area where fire is occurring. Concept stable
Fire radiative power 387 Power radiated by the fire occurring within an area. Concept stable
Fire temperature 388 Temperature of the fire occurring within an area. Concept stable
Land surface temperature 389 Temperature of the apparent surface of land (bare soil or veg... Concept stable
Lake Surface Temperature 410 Temperature of the lake surface. Concept stable
CO2 flux 422 Flux of carbon dioxide from the surface to the atmosphere Concept stable
Biomass 423 Total amount of vegetation in a reference area Concept stable
Fraction of vegetated land 424 Fraction of a land area where vegetation is present. Concept stable
Leaf Area Index (LAI) 425 LAI (Leaf Area Index, LAI) is the total one-sided area of pho... Concept stable
Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) 426 Difference between maximum (in NIR) and minimum (around the R... Concept stable
Vegetation type 427 Result of the classification of different types of vegetation... Concept stable
Evaporation 510 Quantity of water evaporated from the soil and plants when th... Concept stable
Soil moisture (in the roots region) 527 Fractional content of water in a volume of wet soil. Typicall... Concept stable
Soil moisture at surface 528 Fractional content of water in a volume of wet soil. Surface ... Concept stable
Fraction of Absorbed PAR (FAPAR) 563 Fraction of PAR absorbed by vegetation (land or marine) for p... Concept stable
Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) 564 Flux of downwelling photons of wavelength 400-700 nm. Concept stable
Soil temperature 596 The standard depths for soil temperature measurements are 5, ... Concept stable
Glacier motion 611 Velocity of the ice measured at the surface of a glacier. Concept stable
Glacier topography 612 Map of the height of the glacier surface. Concept stable
Ice sheet topography 613 Map of ice sheet height over land. Concept stable
Depth of snowfall 627 The vertical depth of freshly fallen snow that has accumulate... Concept stable
Snow cover extent 628 The area of snow-covered ground, ice, or firn based on the fr... Concept stable
Snow depth 629 Vertical distance from the snow surface to a stated reference... Concept stable
Snow surface state 630 Binary product (dry or wet) expressing the presence of liquid... Concept stable
Water equivalent of snow cover 631 The Vertical depth of the water that would be obtained if the... Concept stable
Ice thickness 725 Concept stable
Ice thickness 726 Concept stable
Presence of snow 12007 A binary observation of the presence of snow cover at the mea... Concept stable
Water equivalent of snowfall 12008 Vertical depth of the water that would be obtained if the fre... Concept stable
Glacier mass balance at a point 12009 The result of all processes adding and removing mass from the... Concept stable
Glacier-wide mass balance 12010 The result of all processes adding and removing mass from the... Concept stable
Surface accumulation at a point 12011 The mass added to the glacier at a point on its surface expre... Concept stable
Surface ablation at a point 12012 The mass removed from the glacier at a point on its surface e... Concept stable
Glacier area 12013 Area enclosed by the projection of the glacier outline onto t... Concept stable
Permafrost temperature 12014 Ground temperature measured in the permafrost. Concept stable
Active layer thickness 12015 Thickness of the surface layer of the ground that is subject ... Concept stable
Water level 12252 Elevation of the free water surface of a water body relative ... Concept stable
Percolation rate 12253 Flow of a liquid through an unsaturated porous medium, such a... Concept stable
Recharge rate 12254 Natural or artificial introduction of water into the saturate... Concept stable
Aquifer volume 12255 Volume of geological formation capable of storing, transmitti... Concept stable
Hydraulic conductivity 12256 Property of a porous medium or fractured rock which, accordin... Concept stable
Hydraulic transmissivity 12257 Rate at which water is transferred through a unit width of an... Concept stable
Porosity 12258 Ratio of the volume of the interstices in a given sample of a... Concept stable
Effective porosity 12259 Volume of the void spaces through which water or other fluids... Concept stable
Specific retention 12260 Amount of water held in the soil after gravitational water ha... Concept stable
Infiltration rate 12261 Flow of water through the soil surface into a porous medium f... Concept stable
Infiltration capacity 12262 Maximum rate at which water can penetrate the soil matrix per... Concept stable
Specific capacity (well) 12263 Ratio of discharge of a well to drawdown at equilibrium. [Int... Concept stable
Specific yield 12264 Ratio of the volume of water which can be drained by gravity ... Concept stable
Groundwater flow 12265 Volume of groundwater flowing through an aquifer per unit tim... Concept stable
Storage 12266 (1) Impounding of water in surface or underground reservoirs ... Concept stable
Total dissolved solids 12267 The concentration of all dissolved substances in water, usual... Concept stable
Suspended sediment 12268 The component of an unacidified water sample that is retained... Concept stable
Sediment discharge 12270 Rate of movement of sediments in a stream at a given cross-se... Concept stable
Bed load discharge 12271 Amount (weight, mass or volume) of sediment that moves on or ... Concept stable
Suspended sediment load 12272 That part of the total transported sediment which is suspende... Concept stable
Total sediment load 12273 Total quantity of sediment passing through a reach, both in s... Concept stable
Runoff 12274 That part of the precipitation which flows on the ground surf... Concept stable
Runoff coefficient 12275 Ratio of runoff depth to precipitation depth. [International ... Concept stable
Depth of runoff 12276 Runoff volume from a drainage basin, divided by its area, in ... Concept stable
Soil moisture 12277 Percentage of water in soil expressed relative to dry-soil we... Concept stable
Live storage 12278 Volume of water in a reservoir between the minimum and maximu... Concept stable
Reservoir storage 12279 Volume of a reservoir including dead storage. Synonym: total ... Concept stable
Lake volume 12280 Volume of water contained in a lake at a given water level. [... Concept stable
Suspended sediment discharge 12281 Amount of suspended sediment (suspended by turbulence for con... Concept stable
Stream index velocity 12282 A velocity that is representative of the average stream veloc... Concept stable
Rock glacier velocity 12283 Surface velocity of a single rock glacier unit. Concept stable
Stream velocity 12322 Ratio of the distance covered by a body of water, moving in a... Concept stable
Stream mean velocity 12323 Velocity at a given cross-section of a stream, obtained by di... Concept stable
Stream surface velocity 12324 Velocity of a stream at its surface at a given point. [Based ... Concept stable
Water surface slope 12325 Difference in the stage of water surface over a short stream ... Concept stable