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World Meteorological Organization (WMO)


Name Notation Description Status
  root The root register stable
  306: Significant Weather 306 WMO No. 306 Manual on Codes: Significant Weather. stable
  w'w' 4678 This register provides terms that may be used to describe sig... stable
  Common common WMO No. 306 Vol I.2 Common Features. stable
  Observation and measurement types observation-type stable
  Code Table D-3: METCE observation types METCE The items within this code table are specialized observation ... stable
  WMO METCE observation types (2013) 2013 Observation types for METCE (2013). stable
  O&M observation types (OGC, ISO/TC211) OGC-OM stable
  Code Table D-1: Nil reasons nil Nil-reason terms are used to provide an explanation for recor... stable
  49-2 49-2 WMO No. 49 Technical Regulations Volume II - Meteorological S... stable
  Code Table D-7: Aerodrome present or forecast weather AerodromePresentOrForecastWeather The items within this code table are the weather phenomena th... stable
  Code Table D-6: Aerodrome recent weather AerodromeRecentWeather The items within this code table are the weather types that m... stable
  Code Table D-10: Significant Weather Phenomena SigWxPhenomena The items within this code table are the types of weather phe... stable
  Code Table D-5: IWXXM observable properties observable-property The items within this code table are composite observable pro... experimental
  Code Table D-8: Cloud amount reported at aerodrome CloudAmountReportedAtAerodrome The items within this code table are the cloud amount categor... stable
  Code Table D-9: Significant convective cloud type SigConvectiveCloudType The items within this code table are the cloud types of opera... stable
  Observation and measurement types observation-type stable
  ICAO IWXXM observation types IWXXM stable
  Code Table D-4: IWXXM observation types 1.0 The items within this code table are specialized observation ... stable
  WMO No. 306 Vol (common) schemata def stable
  GRIB edition 2 grib2 WMO No. 306 FM 92 GRIB (edition 2) stable
  BUFR edition 4 bufr4 stable
  WMO No. 306 codeform stable
  WMO No. 306 Vol I.2 Code Forms common stable
  WMO No. 306 FM 92 GRIB (edition2) schemata grib2 Schemata required to support WMO No. 306 FM 92 GRIB (edition2... stable
  WMO No. 306 Vol FM 94 BUFR (edition 4) bufr4 stable
  WMO No. 306 FM 92 GRIB (edition1) schemata grib1 Schemata required to support WMO No. 306 FM 92 GRIB (edition1... stable
  Code Table C-6: List of units for TDCFs unit WMO No. 306 Vol I.2 Common Code-table C-6 List of units for T... stable
  Code Table D-2: Physical quantity kinds quantity-kind WMO No. 306 Vol I.3 Common Code-table D-2, Physical quantity ... stable
  Physical quantities c-15 WMO No. 306 Vol I.2 Common Code-table C-15 'Physical quantiti... deprecated
  WMO No. 306 Centres centre stable
  Physical quantities - aeronautical meteorology discipline ae WMO No. 306 Vol I.2 Common Code-table C-15 'Physical quantiti... deprecated
  Physical quantities - meteorology discipline me WMO No. 306 Vol I.2 Common Code-table C-15 'Physical quantiti... deprecated
  Physical quantities - oceanography discipline oc WMO No. 306 Vol I.2 Common Code-table C-15 'Physical quantiti... deprecated
  GRIB2 codes and flags codeflag WMO No. 306 FM 92 GRIB (edition 2) Codes and Flags stable
  Discipline 0.0 Discipline of processed data in the GRIB message, number of G... stable
  Parameter category 4.1 Parameter category by product discipline stable
  Parameter number 4.2 Parameter number by product discipline and parameter category stable
  Fixed surface types and units 4.5 Code-table 4.5 - Fixed surface types and units. stable
  Type of statistical processing 4.10 Code-table 4.10 - Type of statistical processing. stable
  BUFR4 Code and Flag table codeflag stable
  BUFR4 table B b stable
  WMO Region number/geographical area 0-01-003 stable
  Wind speed source 0-01-024 stable
  Aerosol optical depth (AOD) source 0-01-028 stable
  SSI source 0-01-029 stable
  Agency in charge of operating the observing platform 0-01-036 stable
  Source of sea ice fraction 0-01-038 stable
  Platform transmitter ID 0-01-052 stable
  Technique for making up initial perturbations 0-01-090 stable
  Type of ensemble forecast 0-01-092 stable
  State identifier 0-01-101 stable
  Type of station 0-02-001 stable
  Type of instrumentation for wind measurement 0-02-002 stable
  Type of measuring equipment used 0-02-003 stable
  Type of instrumentation for evaporation measurement or type of crop for which evapotranspiration is reported 0-02-004 stable
  Type of sensor for water level measuring instrument 0-02-007 stable
  Solar and infrared radiation correction 0-02-013 stable
  Radiosonde completeness 0-02-015 stable
  Radiosonde configuration 0-02-016 stable
  Correction algorithms for humidity measurements 0-02-017 stable
  Satellite classification 0-02-020 stable
  Satellite instrument data used in processing 0-02-021 stable
  Satellite data-processing technique used 0-02-022 stable
  Satellite-derived wind computation method 0-02-023 stable
  Integrated mean humidity computational method 0-02-024 stable
  Satellite channel(s) used in computation 0-02-025 stable
  Method of current measurement 0-02-030 stable
  Duration and time of current measurement 0-02-031 stable
  Indicator for digitization 0-02-032 stable
  Method of salinity/depth measurement 0-02-033 stable
  Drogue type 0-02-034 stable
  Buoy type 0-02-036 stable
  Method of tidal observation 0-02-037 stable
  Method of water temperature and/or salinity measurement 0-02-038 stable
  Method of wet-bulb temperature measurement 0-02-039 stable
  Method of removing velocity and motion of platform from current 0-02-040 stable
  Method for estimating reports related to synoptic features 0-02-041 stable
  Indicator for sea-surface current speed 0-02-042 stable
  Indicator for method of calculating spectral wave data 0-02-044 stable
  Indicator for type of platform 0-02-045 stable
  Wave measurement instrumentation 0-02-046 stable
  Deep-ocean tsunameter type 0-02-047 stable
  Satellite sensor indicator 0-02-048 stable
  Geostationary satellite data-processing technique used 0-02-049 stable
  Geostationary sounder satellite channels used 0-02-050 stable
  Indicator to specify observing method for extreme temperatures 0-02-051 stable
  Geostationary imager satellite channels used 0-02-052 stable
  GOES-I/M brightness temperature characteristics 0-02-053 stable
  GOES-I/M soundings parameter characteristics 0-02-054 stable
  Geostationary soundings statistical parameters 0-02-055 stable
  Geostationary soundings accuracy statistics 0-02-056 stable
  Origin of first-guess information for GOES-I/M soundings 0-02-057 stable
  Valid times of first-guess information for GOES-I/M soundings 0-02-058 stable
  Origin of analysis information for GOES-I/M soundings 0-02-059 stable
  Origin of surface information for GOES-I/M soundings 0-02-060 stable
  Aircraft navigational system 0-02-061 stable
  Type of aircraft data relay system 0-02-062 stable
  Aircraft roll angle quality 0-02-064 stable
  Radiosonde ground receiving system 0-02-066 stable
  Original specification of latitude/longitude 0-02-070 stable
  Balloon manufacturer 0-02-080 stable
  Type of balloon 0-02-081 stable
  Type of balloon shelter 0-02-083 stable
  Type of gas used in balloon 0-02-084 stable
  Type of pressure sensor 0-02-095 stable
  Type of temperature sensor 0-02-096 stable
  Type of humidity sensor 0-02-097 stable
  Polarization 0-02-099 stable
  Type of antenna 0-02-101 stable
  Radome 0-02-103 stable
  Antenna polarization 0-02-104 stable
  Type of surface observing equipment 0-02-115 stable
  RA-2 instrument operations 0-02-119 stable
  Sensitivity time control (STC) 0-02-131 stable
  Radar dual PRF ratio 0-02-137 stable
  Antenna rotation direction 0-02-138 stable
  SIRAL instrument configuration 0-02-139 stable
  Ozone instrument type 0-02-143 stable
  Light source type for Brewer spectrophotometer 0-02-144 stable
  Wavelength setting for Dobson instruments 0-02-145 stable
  Source conditions for Dobson instruments 0-02-146 stable
  Method of transmission to collection centre 0-02-147 stable
  Data collection and/or location system 0-02-148 stable
  Type of data buoy 0-02-149 stable
  TOVS/ATOVS/AVHRR instrumentation channel number 0-02-150 stable
  Radiometer identifier 0-02-151 stable
  Satellite instrument used in data processing 0-02-152 stable
  RA-2 instrument 0-02-158 stable
  MWR instrument 0-02-159 stable
  Wave length of the radar 0-02-160 stable
  Height assignment method 0-02-163 stable
  Tracer correlation method 0-02-164 stable
  Radiance type flags 0-02-165 stable
  Radiance type 0-02-166 stable
  Radiance computational method 0-02-167 stable
  Anemometer type 0-02-169 stable
  Aircraft humidity sensors 0-02-170 stable
  Product type for retrieved atmospheric gases 0-02-172 stable
  Method of precipitation measurement 0-02-175 stable
  Method of state of ground measurement 0-02-176 stable
  Method of snow depth measurement 0-02-177 stable
  Method of liquid content measurement of precipitation 0-02-178 stable
  Type of sky condition algorithm 0-02-179 stable
  Main present weather detecting system 0-02-180 stable
  Supplementary present weather sensor 0-02-181 stable
  Visibility measurement system 0-02-182 stable
  Cloud detection system 0-02-183 stable
  Type of lightning detection sensor 0-02-184 stable
  Method of evaporation measurement 0-02-185 stable
  Capability to detect precipitation phenomena 0-02-186 stable
  Capability to detect other weather phenomena 0-02-187 stable
  Capability to detect obscuration 0-02-188 stable
  Capability to discriminate lightning strikes 0-02-189 stable
  Geopotential height calculation 0-02-191 stable
  Method of sea/water current measurement 0-03-010 stable
  Method of depth calculation 0-03-011 stable
  Instrument type/sensor for dissolved oxygen measurement 0-03-012 stable
  Times of observation used to compute the reported mean values 0-04-059 stable
  Averaging period for following value 0-04-080 stable
  Vertical sounding significance 0-08-001 stable
  Vertical significance (surface observations) 0-08-002 stable
  Vertical significance (satellite observations) 0-08-003 stable
  Phase of aircraft flight 0-08-004 stable
  Meteorological attribute significance 0-08-005 stable
  Ozone vertical sounding significance 0-08-006 stable
  Dimensional significance 0-08-007 stable
  Radiation vertical sounding significance 0-08-008 stable
  Detailed phase of flight 0-08-009 stable
  Surface qualifier (for temperature data) 0-08-010 stable
  Meteorological feature 0-08-011 stable
  Land/sea qualifier 0-08-012 stable
  Day/night qualifier 0-08-013 stable
  Qualifier for runway visual range 0-08-014 stable
  Significant qualifier for sensor 0-08-015 stable
  Change qualifier of a trend-type forecast or an aerodrome forecast 0-08-016 stable
  Qualifier of the time when the forecast change is expected 0-08-017 stable
  SEAWINDS land/ice surface type 0-08-018 stable
  Qualifier for following centre identifier 0-08-019 stable
  Time significance 0-08-021 stable
  First-order statistics 0-08-023 stable
  Difference statistics 0-08-024 stable
  Time difference qualifier 0-08-025 stable
  Matrix significance 0-08-026 stable
  Surface type 0-08-029 stable
  Status of operation 0-08-032 stable
  Method of derivation of percentage confidence 0-08-033 stable
  Type of monitoring exercise 0-08-035 stable
  Type of centre or station performing monitoring 0-08-036 stable
  Time significance (Aviation forecast) 0-08-039 stable
  Flight level significance 0-08-040 stable
  Data significance 0-08-041 stable
  Extended vertical sounding significance 0-08-042 stable
  Atmospheric chemical or physical constituent type 0-08-043 stable
  Qualifier for number of missing values in calculation of statistic 0-08-050 stable
  Qualifier for number of missing values in calculation of statistic 0-08-051 stable
  Condition for which number of days of occurrence follows 0-08-052 stable
  Day of occurrence qualifier 0-08-053 stable
  Qualifier for wind speed or wind gusts 0-08-054 stable
  Sample scanning mode significance 0-08-060 stable
  Sun-glint indicator 0-08-065 stable
  Semi-transparency indicator 0-08-066 stable
  TOVS/ATOVS product qualifier 0-08-070 stable
  Pixel(s) type 0-08-072 stable
  Altimeter echo type 0-08-074 stable
  Ascending/descending orbit qualifier 0-08-075 stable
  Type of band 0-08-076 stable
  Radiometer sensed surface type 0-08-077 stable
  Product status 0-08-079 stable
  Qualifier for GTSPP quality flag 0-08-080 stable
  Type of equipment 0-08-081 stable
  Modification of sensor height to another value 0-08-082 stable
  Nominal value indicator 0-08-083 stable
  Beam identifier 0-08-085 stable
  Vertical significance for NWP 0-08-086 stable
  Characteristic of pressure tendency 0-10-063 stable
  SIGMET cruising level 0-10-064 stable
  Extended degree of turbulence 0-11-030 stable
  Degree of turbulence 0-11-031 stable
  Turbulence index 0-11-037 stable
  Time of occurrence of peak eddy dissipation rate 0-11-038 stable
  Extended time of occurrence of peak eddy dissipation rate 0-11-039 stable
  Superadiabatic indicator 0-13-038 stable
  Terrain type (ice/snow) 0-13-039 stable
  Surface flag 0-13-040 stable
  Pasquill-Gifford stability category 0-13-041 stable
  Frequency group, precipitation 0-13-051 stable
  Character and intensity of precipitation 0-13-056 stable
  Time of beginning or end of precipitation 0-13-057 stable
  Type of pollutant 0-15-025 stable
  Type of synoptic feature 0-19-001 stable
  Vertical extent of circulation 0-19-008 stable
  Method for tracking the centre of synoptic feature 0-19-010 stable
  Time interval to calculate the movement of the tropical cyclone 0-19-100 stable
  Accuracy of the position of the centre of the tropical cyclone 0-19-101 stable
  Shape and definition of the eye of the tropical cyclone 0-19-102 stable
  Diameter of major axis of the eye of the tropical cyclone 0-19-103 stable
  Change in character of the eye during the 30 minutes 0-19-104 stable
  Distance between the end of spiral band and the centre 0-19-105 stable
  Time interval over which the movement of the tropical cyclone has been calculated 0-19-107 stable
  Accuracy of geographical position of the tropical cyclone 0-19-108 stable
  Mean diameter of the overcast cloud of the tropical cyclone 0-19-109 stable
  Apparent 24-hour change in intensity of the tropical cyclone 0-19-110 stable
  Cloud pattern type of the DT-number 0-19-113 stable
  Cloud picture type of the PT-number 0-19-117 stable
  Type of the final T-number 0-19-119 stable
  Present weather 0-20-003 stable
  Past weather (1) 0-20-004 stable
  Past weather (2) 0-20-005 stable
  Flight rules 0-20-006 stable
  Cloud distribution for aviation 0-20-008 stable
  General weather indicator (TAF/METAR) 0-20-009 stable
  Cloud amount 0-20-011 stable
  Cloud type 0-20-012 stable
  Cloud top description 0-20-017 stable
  Tendency of runway visual range 0-20-018 stable
  Type of precipitation 0-20-021 stable
  Character of precipitation 0-20-022 stable
  Other weather phenomena 0-20-023 stable
  Intensity of phenomena 0-20-024 stable
  Obscuration 0-20-025 stable
  Character of obscuration 0-20-026 stable
  Phenomena occurrence 0-20-027 stable
  Expected change in intensity 0-20-028 stable
  Rain flag 0-20-029 stable
  Rate of ice accretion (estimated) 0-20-032 stable
  Cause of ice accretion 0-20-033 stable
  Sea ice concentration 0-20-034 stable
  Amount and type of ice 0-20-035 stable
  Ice situation 0-20-036 stable
  Ice development 0-20-037 stable
  Evolution of drift snow 0-20-040 stable
  Airframe icing 0-20-041 stable
  Airframe icing present 0-20-042 stable
  Supercooled large droplet (SLD) conditions 0-20-045 stable
  Evolution of feature 0-20-048 stable
  Cloud index 0-20-050 stable
  State of sky in the tropics 0-20-055 stable
  Cloud phase 0-20-056 stable
  State of the ground (with or without snow) 0-20-062 stable
  Special phenomena 0-20-063 stable
  Accuracy of fix and rate of atmospherics 0-20-071 stable
  General condition of runway 0-20-085 stable
  Runway deposits 0-20-086 stable
  Runway contamination 0-20-087 stable
  Runway friction coefficient 0-20-089 stable
  Special clouds 0-20-090 stable
  Locust (acridian) name 0-20-101 stable
  Locust (maturity) colour 0-20-102 stable
  Stage of development of locusts 0-20-103 stable
  Organization state of swarm or band of locusts 0-20-104 stable
  Size of swarm or band of locusts and duration of passage of swarm 0-20-105 stable
  Locust population density 0-20-106 stable
  Direction of movements of locust swarm 0-20-107 stable
  Extent of vegetation 0-20-108 stable
  Lightning discharge polarity 0-20-119 stable
  Lightning stroke or flash 0-20-124 stable
  Supplementary cloud type 0-20-136 stable
  Evolution of clouds 0-20-137 stable
  Wave scatterometer product confidence data 0-21-066 stable
  Wind product confidence data 0-21-067 stable
  Radar altimeter product confidence data 0-21-068 stable
  SST product confidence data 0-21-069 stable
  SST product confidence data (SADIST-2) 0-21-070 stable
  Satellite altimeter calibration status 0-21-072 stable
  Satellite altimeter instrument mode 0-21-073 stable
  Representation of intensities 0-21-076 stable
  SEAWINDS wind vector cell quality 0-21-109 stable
  SEAWINDS sigma-0 quality 0-21-115 stable
  SEAWINDS sigma-0 mode 0-21-116 stable
  Wind scatterometer geophysical model function 0-21-119 stable
  Altimeter rain flag 0-21-144 stable
  Beam collocation 0-21-150 stable
  Wind vector cell quality 0-21-155 stable
  ASCAT Kp estimate quality 0-21-158 stable
  ASCAT sigma-0 usability 0-21-159 stable
  Ice presence indicator 0-21-169 stable
  Direction of profile 0-22-056 stable
  Lagrangian drifter drogue status 0-22-060 stable
  State of the sea 0-22-061 stable
  Tide station automated water level check 0-22-120 stable
  Tide station manual water level check 0-22-121 stable
  Tide station automated meteorological data check 0-22-122 stable
  Tide station manual meteorological data check 0-22-123 stable
  XBT/XCTD launcher type 0-22-178 stable
  Accident early notification - article applicable 0-23-001 stable
  Activity or facility involved in incident 0-23-002 stable
  Type of release 0-23-003 stable
  Countermeasures taken near border 0-23-004 stable
  Cause of incident 0-23-005 stable
  Incident situation 0-23-006 stable
  Characteristics of release 0-23-007 stable
  State of current release 0-23-008 stable
  State of expected release 0-23-009 stable
  Possibility of significant chemical toxic health effect 0-23-016 stable
  Release behaviour over time 0-23-018 stable
  Possibility that plume will encounter precipitation in State in which incident occurred 0-23-031 stable
  Plume will encounter change in wind direction and/or speed flag 0-23-032 stable
  Composition of release 0-24-003 stable
  Echo processing 0-25-004 stable
  Echo integration 0-25-005 stable
  Z to R conversion 0-25-006 stable
  Calibration method 0-25-009 stable
  Clutter treatment 0-25-010 stable
  Ground occultation correction (screening) 0-25-011 stable
  Range attenuation correction 0-25-012 stable
  Bright-band correction 0-25-013 stable
  Radome attenuation correction 0-25-015 stable
  Precipitation attenuation correction 0-25-017 stable
  Mean speed estimation 0-25-020 stable
  Wind computation enhancement 0-25-021 stable
  GHRSST rejection flag 0-25-022 stable
  GHRSST confidence flag 0-25-023 stable
  GHRSST data quality 0-25-024 stable
  Calibration method 0-25-029 stable
  Running mean sea-surface temperature usage 0-25-030 stable
  NWP-generated vertical profile thinning method 0-25-031 stable
  Wind profiler mode information 0-25-032 stable
  Wind profiler submode information 0-25-033 stable
  Wind profiler quality control test results 0-25-034 stable
  Decision method for polarity 0-25-035 stable
  Atmospherics location method 0-25-036 stable
  CO2 wind product derivation 0-25-040 stable
  Moving platform direction reporting method 0-25-041 stable
  Moving platform speed reporting method 0-25-042 stable
  Observation quality 0-25-053 stable
  Central processor or system identifier 0-25-063 stable
  Flight level pressure corrections 0-25-069 stable
  Depth correction indicator 0-25-086 stable
  Orbit state flag 0-25-090 stable
  RASS computation correction 0-25-093 stable
  Altimeter state flag 0-25-095 stable
  Radiometer state flag 0-25-096 stable
  Three-dimensional error estimate of the navigator orbit 0-25-097 stable
  Altimeter data quality flag 0-25-098 stable
  Altimeter correction quality flag 0-25-099 stable
  Image processing summary 0-25-110 stable
  RA2-L2-processing flag 0-25-120 stable
  Hardware configuration for RF 0-25-122 stable
  Hardware configuration for HPA 0-25-123 stable
  MWR-L2-processing flag 0-25-124 stable
  Method of tropical cyclone intensity analysis using satellite data 0-25-150 stable
  SMOS information flag 0-25-174 stable
  L2 processing flag 0-25-181 stable
  L1 processing flag 0-25-182 stable
  L2 product status 0-25-184 stable
  Hours included 0-26-010 stable
  Projection type 0-29-001 stable
  Coordinate grid type 0-29-002 stable
  Picture type 0-30-031 stable
  Combination with other data 0-30-032 stable
  Associated field significance 0-31-021 stable
  Data present indicator 0-31-031 stable
  Quality information 0-33-002 stable
  Quality information 0-33-003 stable
  Quality information (AWS data) 0-33-005 stable
  Internal measurement status information (AWS) 0-33-006 stable
  Data quality-check indicator 0-33-015 stable
  Quality control indication of following value 0-33-020 stable
  Quality of following value 0-33-021 stable
  Quality of buoy satellite transmission 0-33-022 stable
  Quality of buoy location 0-33-023 stable
  Station elevation quality mark (for mobile stations) 0-33-024 stable
  ACARS interpolated values indicator 0-33-025 stable
  Moisture quality 0-33-026 stable
  Location quality class (range of radius of 66 % confidence) 0-33-027 stable
  Snapshot overall quality 0-33-028 stable
  Scan line status flags for ATOVS 0-33-030 stable
  Scan line quality flags for ATOVS 0-33-031 stable
  Channel quality flags for ATOVS 0-33-032 stable
  Field of view quality flags for ATOVS 0-33-033 stable
  Manual/automatic quality control 0-33-035 stable
  Wind correlation error 0-33-037 stable
  Quality flags for ground-based GNSS data 0-33-038 stable
  Quality flags for radio occultation data 0-33-039 stable
  Attribute of following value 0-33-041 stable
  Type of limit represented by following value 0-33-042 stable
  AST confidence 0-33-043 stable
  ASAR quality information 0-33-044 stable
  Measurement confidence data 0-33-047 stable
  Confidence measure of SAR inversion 0-33-048 stable
  Confidence measure of wind retrieval 0-33-049 stable
  Global GTSPP quality flag 0-33-050 stable
  GqisFlagQual - individual IASI-System quality flag 0-33-060 stable
  Total ozone quality 0-33-070 stable
  Profile ozone quality 0-33-071 stable
  Ozone error 0-33-072 stable
  Scan-level quality flags 0-33-075 stable
  Calibration quality flags 0-33-076 stable
  Field-of-view quality flags 0-33-077 stable
  Geolocation quality 0-33-078 stable
  Granule level quality flags 0-33-079 stable
  Scan level quality flags 0-33-080 stable
  Channel data quality flags 0-33-081 stable
  Geolocation quality flags 0-33-082 stable
  Radiance data quality flags 0-33-083 stable
  Pixel level quality flags 0-33-084 stable
  Aerosol optical thickness quality flags 0-33-085 stable
  Quality of pixel level retrieval 0-33-086 stable
  Extent of satellite within South Atlantic anomaly (based on climatological data) 0-33-087 stable
  Ozone total column quality flag 0-33-088 stable
  FM and Regional Code number 0-35-000 stable
  Time frame for monitoring 0-35-001 stable
  Discrepancies in the availability of expected data 0-35-030 stable
  Qualifier on monitoring results 0-35-031 stable
  Cause of missing data 0-35-032 stable
  Observation and collection deficiencies 0-35-033 stable
  Statistical trends for availability of data (during the survey period(s)) 0-35-034 stable
  Reason for termination 0-35-035 stable
  Soil moisture correction flag 0-40-005 stable
  Soil moisture processing flag 0-40-006 stable
  Interpolation flag 0-40-011 stable
  Radiometer data quality flag 0-40-012 stable
  Radiometer brightness temperature interpretation flag 0-40-013 stable
  GqisFlagQualDetailed - quality flag for the system 0-40-020 stable
  Auxiliary altimeter state flags 0-40-023 stable
  Meteorological map availability 0-40-024 stable
  BUFR/CREX table entries 0 stable
  BUFR/CREX Identification 1 stable
  BUFR/CREX Instrumentation 2 stable
  BUFR/CREX Instrumentation 3 stable
  BUFR/CREX Location (time) 4 stable
  BUFR/CREX Location (horizontal - 1) 5 stable
  BUFR/CREX Location (horizontal - 2) 6 stable
  BUFR/CREX Location (vertical) 7 stable
  BUFR/CREX Significance qualifiers 8 stable
  BUFR/CREX Non-coordinate location (vertical) 10 stable
  BUFR/CREX Wind and turbulence 11 stable
  BUFR/CREX Temperature 12 stable
  BUFR/CREX Hydrographic and hydrological elements 13 stable
  BUFR/CREX Radiation and radiance 14 stable
  BUFR/CREX Physical/chemical constituents 15 stable
  BUFR/CREX Synoptic features 19 stable
  BUFR/CREX Observed phenomena 20 stable
  BUFR/CREX Radar data 21 stable
  BUFR/CREX Oceanographic elements 22 stable
  BUFR/CREX Dispersal and transport 23 stable
  BUFR/CREX Radiological elements 24 stable
  BUFR/CREX Processing information 25 stable
  BUFR/CREX Non-coordinate location (time) 26 stable
  BUFR/CREX Non-coordinate location (horizontal - 1) 27 stable
  BUFR/CREX Non-coordinate location (horizontal - 2) 28 stable
  BUFR/CREX Map data 29 stable