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Observed variable - measurand (terrestrial)

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Name Notation Description Types Status
Ground water (amount per unit area) 165 Amount of water present beneath the ground surface per unit a... Concept stable
Ground water (level) 166 Concept stable
Lake area 167 Area extent of the surface of a lake. Concept stable
Lake level 168 Map of the height of the lake surface. Concept stable
River discharge 171 Volume of water flowing through a river per unit of time. Concept stable
River stage (level above reference) 172 Concept stable
Well discharge 174 Concept stable
Breaking action-friction coefficient 231 Concept stable
Coastlines 232 Location of coastlines (Lat/Long) Concept stable
Land cover 236 Processed from land surface imagery by assigning identified c... Concept stable
Land surface topography 237 Map of land surface heights. Concept stable
Runway conditions 239 Concept stable
Wetland extent 243 Fraction of an area flood by water. Concept stable
Soil heat Flux 245 Concept stable
Soil type 246 Result of the classification of different types of soil withi... Concept stable
Permafrost 354 Concept stable
Fire fractional cover 386 Fraction of a land area where fire is occurring. Concept stable
Fire radiative power 387 Power radiated by the fire occurring within an area. Concept stable
Fire temperature 388 Temperature of the fire occurring within an area. Concept stable
Land surface temperature 389 Temperature of the apparent surface of land (bare soil or veg... Concept stable
Lake Surface Temperature 410 Temperature of the lake surface. Concept stable
CO2 flux 422 Flux of carbon dioxide from the surface to the atmosphere Concept stable
Biomass 423 Total amount of vegetation in a reference area Concept stable
Fraction of vegetated land 424 Fraction of a land area where vegetation is present. Concept stable
Leaf Area Index (LAI) 425 LAI (Leaf Area Index, LAI) is the total one-sided area of pho... Concept stable
Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) 426 Difference between maximum (in NIR) and minimum (around the R... Concept stable
Vegetation type 427 Result of the classification of different types of vegetation... Concept stable
Evaporation 510 Quantity of water evaporated from the soil and plants when th... Concept stable
Soil moisture (in the roots region) 527 Sub-soil 3D field of the fractional content of water in a vol... Concept stable
Soil moisture at surface 528 Fractional content of water in a volume of wet soil. Surface ... Concept stable
Fraction of Absorbed PAR (FAPAR) 563 Fraction of PAR absorbed by vegetation (land or marine) for p... Concept stable
Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) 564 Flux of downwelling photons of wavelength 400-700 nm. Concept stable
Soil temperature 596 The standard depths for soil temperature measurements are 5, ... Concept stable
Glacier cover 610 Fraction of a land area covered by permanent ice. Concept stable
Glacier motion 611 Velocity of the ice measured at the surface of a glacier. Concept stable
Glacier topography 612 Map of the height of the glacier surface. Concept stable
Ice sheet topography 613 Map of ice sheet height over land . Concept stable
Depth of snowfall 627 The vertical depth of freshly fallen snow that has accumulate... Concept stable
Snow cover extent 628 The area of snow-covered ground, ice, or firn based on the fr... Concept stable
Snow depth 629 Vertical distance from the snow surface to a stated reference... Concept stable
Snow surface state 630 Binary product (dry or wet) expressing the presence of liquid... Concept stable
Water equivalent of snow cover 631 The Vertical depth of the water that would be obtained if the... Concept stable
Ice thickness 725 Concept stable
Ice thickness 726 Concept stable
Presence of snow 12007 A binary observation of the presence of snow cover at the mea... Concept stable
Water equivalent of snowfall 12008 Vertical depth of the water that would be obtained if the fre... Concept stable
inapplicable inapplicable None of the codes in the table are applicable in the context ... Concept stable
unknown unknown The variable is unknown. Concept stable