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Contributing to the WMO Codes Registry

World Meteorological Organization
If you notice a typo in the register, for example, you notice ‘velocity’ is spelled ‘vecolity’, this is how you can get it changed:
  1. The first step is to get the text so you can change it - so download the content in the RDF ttl-plain format.
  2. Open the file with a text editor, find the typo and fix all instances of it.
  3. Go to GitHub (you will need an account, and to be logged in) and go to https://github.com/wmo-registers/code-manuals/tree/master/typo_fixes
  4. Make a new file, using the ‘new file’ button.
  5. Name the file, ending in .ttl
  6. Copy and paste all the amended text into the new file.
  7. When you are proposing the new file, add an extended description so we know what you’ve changed.
  8. Hit the green ‘propose new file’ button.
  9. Review your change and hit the green ‘create pull request’ button.
  10. That’s it - thanks!
  11. Next up we’ll talk to our experts about the change you’ve suggested then evaluate it in our test system.
  12. We’ll get back to you through GitHub with an update to let you know what’s happening and if there’s further input we’d like from you.