Register: GRIB edition 2 - showing version 4

URI: http://codes.wmo.int/grib2

WMO No. 306 FM 92 GRIB (edition 2)

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is a Container | Register
category wMO i.2
owned by wmo
last changed on 1 Sep 2017 08:44:15.585

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All properties of the entity

category wMO i.2
description WMO No. 306 FM 92 GRIB (edition 2)
label GRIB edition 2
manager www dm
member GRIB2 codes and flags
modified 1 Sep 2017 08:44:15.585
owner wmo
publisher wmo
subregister GRIB2 codes and flags
type Container | Register
version info 4
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Name Notation Description Types Status
  GRIB2 codes and flags $memitem.getPropertyValue("reg:notation").lexicalForm WMO No. 306 FM 92 GRIB (edition 2) Codes and Flags Container , Register $lib.reg.asStatus($status)